Monday, March 11, 2013

Cold brewed Iced Coffee Recipe

I already have two favorite ways to make wonderful iced-coffee.  There is my easy iced-coffee recipe using a regular coffee pot to brew coffee then adding 1 fabulous ingredient.  Then there is my Keurig iced-coffee K-cups over ice.  So simple.

But...I saw this recipe on Pinterest and couldn't resist giving it a go.  Cold "brewed" intrigues me. How can you brew coffee using only ground coffee, cold water, a refrigerator and time?  Amazing.

The recipe I saw on the velvet bird also added flavor (cinnamon) but I used a pre-flavored ground coffee so didn't want to go overboard.  Otherwise I followed her recipe.

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee
2/3 cups of course ground coffee
3 cups cold water
3 tablespoons brown sugar

Place all ingredients in a mason jar; stir and let sit covered in fridge overnight. The next day pour coffee into a french press or strainer, then pour the strained/pressed coffee back into your rinsed out jar for storage. Fill a glass with ice and pour coffee over.  Add a milk or cream and more sugar if needed.

If you are particularly hip you will use your Mason jar as a drinking glass.  Or so I've seen. ;)

The coffee the next morning (before pressing).
Now, a word of warning.  From what I've read the cold-brewed method makes your coffee have a MUCH higher caffeine level than other methods.  Perhaps b/c the coffee is just chilling in the water ALL night sucking up the caffeine.  All I know is I was Buzzed with a capital B after drinking this coffee.

I think I'll stick with my regular coffee methods but I'll save this one in the back of my mind for an occasion like camping or when traveling without a coffee maker.

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