Friday, March 15, 2013

Fisher Price Friday - Chunky People Books

I have something new today on Fisher Price Friday.  It's story time!  I have some fun 1995 Chunky Little People books that I wanted to share.  Instead of just showing photos I thought I'd upload a video of me reading them.

They are called "A Little People Book" by Fisher-Price and were all published in 1995.  I have three of the series, there are another 5 books that I don't have (yet).  Here are all the titles:

The Big Town Garage
Good Morning Farm
Whose Hat is That?
Here Comes the Circus Train
My Favorite Season
Here Comes the School Bus
The Fun Park is Open!
Blast Off!

Did that farm look familiar?  I don't have many chunky little people (made after the classic little people and before the current little people) but I did have the #2555 Farm for awhile.  See more here.

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