Friday, March 29, 2013

Fisher Price Friday - (original) Play Family House

Just about a year ago I showed you the Play Family House #952 made from 1980-1988, the brown and white Tudor.  Today I'd like to go back and show you the original Play Family House #952 made from 1969-1979, the blue and white cottage.  I'd also like to show you the actual pieces that came with the house, rather than all the fun pieces my girls use.  Ha!
The basic design of the two houses is exactly the same.  The only differences are in the colors and lithographs.  This house has a masonite base (some of the brown versions had switched to plastic), a plastic roof and masonite/composite interiors.  I've found that the exterior lithographs on this version are more fragile and tend to peel easier.  I've used a little glue on mine here and there when I see them starting to come off.

I am showing mostly the 1971-1972 pieces.  The family was the same until 1976, so this is the pre-1976 (and all wood) version.  The only thing that is incorrect is the dog.  He's the right kind (all wood, straight down) but has the wrong colored collar, it should be yellow.  

The set came with two twin beds and one queen.  All were white (other colors included yellow or brown for this set).  Also a table and 4 chairs, they could also be brown or white.  Two armchairs and a coffee table came, but should all be the same color (unlike pictured).  They could be white, yellow or medium brown.  For the year I have pictured they would not have been the same color as the beds, they should be brown instead.  Other accessories included a staircase with closet (and a door that opens and shuts) and a car.
The first couple of years the car had a "c hook" on the back.  Starting in 1971 the hook was missing.  The car is the same as from the garage set #930 and has a gas hole and wheels that say "Fisher Price" on them.  Once the base changed to brown/white the wheels no longer said "fisher price".  

There were some changes to the lithographs on the inside of the house.  The upstairs master bedroom looks the same however.

The kitchen had a few changes.  There is no sliding door in the middle, instead there is a spice rack, sink and some flower pots.

The kids room looks the same.

The downstairs living room looks the same too, except the front door is white (instead of blue).  Note the ceiling lamp, isn't it cool?  It makes the front door "bell" ring.

Note the lithograph on the staircase.  The staircase was only included in the blue and white version, not the newer brown tudor.

The outsides of the house look different of course, to go along with the cottage theme.  Flowers and bushes on the side, a flowering trellis on the other.  And note the tiny bird nest.  So sweet!

The garage has a door to the house, a lamppost and a few stones.  The driveway is completely different from the tudor version.

Snoopy still has his dog dish and bone but nothing else about the back is the same.

Unlike the tudor version there are no additional children drawn in to the exterior.  Just flowers, grass and siding.

So which version to I prefer?  Why this lovely original cottage of course.  I got rid of or newer brown tudor version in favor of this one.  It was my 5 year old's favorite too.  I think it's more charming and dare I say vintage-y looking.

So which one do you prefer?

To see the newer 1980-1988 Play Family House (brown/white tudor) #952 go here.
To see the adorable Christmas Ornament version go here.


  1. This one was my sister's first, then mine. It sits in my old closet at my parents house still!! I can remember playing with it, the Sesame Street clubhouse and a Kenner Tree Family playset. I had sooo much fun with them all!! Love your Fisher Price Fridays!

    1. Thank you so much Amy, I'm glad you enjoy them!

  2. The LR light fixture did function, just not as a light. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it the bell for the doorbell? Thank you for researching and writing this. I was born in 1965, and had the 1969 version, complete with C-hook on the car. I did a lot of babysitting later on, and would always notice the changes to my beloved house, including the dog's red collar. It's been so much fun reading all this!

    1. You are absolutely right! I had learned that fact from another FP collector awhile back but forgot to update this post. Thank you for the reminder. I am so glad you've enjoyed reading about familiar toys! :)