Friday, March 7, 2014

Fisher Price Friday - Toot-Toot Smokie!

We're back on the tracks today for Fisher Price friday.  I'd like to share a couple little train engines with you.  Fisher Price really liked trains and there have been many different toy trains produced over the years.  Smokie #642 was made from 1960-1962.  His very similar looking cousin the Toot-Toot #643 was made for quite a bit longer, from 1964-1986.  

Both trains are tiny at 6-1/4" long and 4-1/4" high and are made of wood and plastic.  They make the same clickity-clack sound when pushed or pulled.

They have almost the exact same wooden base.

First up is Smokie #642.  Smokie was the second little wooden engine produced by Fisher Price, he came after the #642 Dinky Engine.  Smokie has a wood body, wheels and smokestack.  The grill, cab and wheel pistons are made of plastic.  He has a black lithograph over the body with the word SMOKIE on both sides.  The FP logo is on top and the toy number is on the left front side.  

Next up is Toot-Toot #643, not to be confused with the Toot-Toot #641 which was made from 1963-1964.  Toot-Toot #643 had a few variations over the years but he started out with a wood body, wood wheels and wood stack also.  Towards the end of production the wheels switched to plastic but the rest of the toy remained wood.

Other variations to Toot-Toot included the color of the wheels and smokestack.  The wheels could be blue or black and the smokestack black, blue or yellow.  In addition the smokestack could have designs on top (as pictured) or be plain.  I will point out that my engine combo with a yellow smokestack does not appear in any of the reference books or sites that I've seen.  I am not sure how unique this engine is, but perhaps he was made with leftover stacks from his cousin Smokie. 

Toot-Toot has a red lithograph on the body with the words TOOT-TOOT on both sides.  The FP logo is on top with the words "Original Fisher-Price Toy".  The toy number is on the left front side (by the tire) in early editions and moves to above the rear wheels in newer editions.

Toot-Toot was re-released in 1987 as #2253 Toot-Toot Engine and Little Golden Book, a Fisher Price Classics set.  The Little Golden book Tootle is the same as original copies but has the label "Special Edition Book 'n Toy Fisher Price" on the front cover.

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