Friday, March 28, 2014

Fisher Price - Picture Story Camera

Time to "say cheese" again today on Fisher Price Friday.  I've got a lovely little vintage gem to share, the Picture Story Camera #784.  This was the original FP camera, coming out before the Pocket Camera #464.  The Picture Story Camera was made from 1967-1973.  

The camera base is wood covered in lithographs.  The rest of the camera is made of plastic including the wrist strap.

The camera has a viewfinder with photos inside as well as a see through lens for kids to take their own "photos".  The camera includes a dial on the top that changes the color for the see through lens from red, blue, yellow or clear.

The flash cube has stickers on each side of a snowflake, sunshine, leaf and a flower.

The camera has 8 views inside, all with animal themes.  Now it's tricky to photograph the inside of a camera but I made attempts so you can see these adorable pictures!

Aren't they sweet?

It's a beauty from top to bottom. 

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