Friday, April 4, 2014

Fisher Price Friday - Baby's First Blocks


This sweet baby toy was not my Toddler's first blocks, but they are her current favorite!  Baby's First Blocks #414 is a baby toy designed for kids age 6mo - 2 years and was made from 1977-1988.  All of the pieces are plastic and very durable.  The set was redesigned in 1989 and switched to #1024/#71024 but at closer inspection the container and blocks changed quite a bit.

The set came with a drum with removable blue lid and 12 plastic blocks.  The blocks came in blue, red, green and yellow.  They are in three shapes: circle, square and rectangle.  Most of the blocks are exclusive to this set except the red circle and blue square (#412 Shape Sorter & #1008 Toddler Kitchen).  As well as the yellow rectangle (#412 Shape Sorter)

The blocks can stack on themselves to make towers or be placed in the bucket through the correct shaped cutouts.  My daughter likes to take turns with me putting them inside.  Both of my girls like to use this as a tub toy!  Since there are no lithographs or holes for water to get inside (the blocks) it's perfect!

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