Friday, August 31, 2012

Fisher Price Friday - Creative Coaster & Blocks

I've got a new Vintage Fisher Price toy to show off today on Fisher Price Friday.  The Creative Coaster #987.  I recently saw it online and had to have it for my baby-girl.  She is just the right age for this adorable toy.  Her big sister likes it too, especially the blocks.

The Creative Coaster is a wood and plastic ride on toy that was made from 1964-1982.  The Coaster was inspired by the 1961 Creative Block Wagon.  Basically they took the wagon base and added a plastic seat and hinged steering stick with a wheel on top.  

The Coaster can either have a yellow or blue seat and blue or yellow dowels holding it up.  Notice the lithograph of a speedometer in the front.

The back has a lithograph of a license plate with the FP logo and the toy number 987.

This sweet little coaster was made to ride!  My baby-girl figured it out pretty quickly and climbed right on.

There is a horn in the middle of the steering wheel that makes a beep beep sound.  Each side of the coaster has the brightly colored Fisher Price name and logo.

Inside the coaster bottom it's a bit dirty (normal since little feet and shoes have been there) but you can see the directions for "creative play" and ideas of what the blocks can make.

The front of the coaster is adorable.  I love the "headlights" and notice the license plate looking numbers (it's the toy number 987 again).

The original set came with 18 blocks made of plastic.  The blocks were in sets of 6 different colors: blue, green, orange, yellow, purple and red.  The shapes were triangles, circles and squares.  They fit on 6 wooden dowels made in each of the different colors. 

I bought my coaster on Ebay and it didn't come with blocks or dowels.  However, a lovely FB Fisher Price friend (thanks Janna!) sent me a box of Creative Blocks #666.  Yes, that's right Fisher Price numbered a toy 666.  Anyway, the Creative Blocks set was made from 1978-1990 and came with 4 round shaped blocks, 4 square shape blocks and 6 pie shaped blocks.  It also came with 4 plastic dowels in the colors yellow, orange, purple and blue.

We are thrilled to have these fun blocks with our coaster.  I'm not sure what baby-girl likes more, the blocks, dowels or the coaster!

Happy riding!


  1. Im obsessed with Fisher Price Toys since the 1960's when i had most of them 50 years later i still have mine and picked up alot on ebay and at thrift stores and tag sales have 3 Creative Coasters still love ti play and sit on it once in awhile Cool want to have the comfort of being a toddler again Have 6 bins of the original toys from my better chilhood things were much better ans simpler then Thank God i didnt grow up with Computers Hate them only good for looking at the past 1960's forever with me Fisher Price gal and Marx Big Wheels too yeah for them

    1. How wonderful to still have your original toys! I only have a few that survived my childhood but I've been collecting them for my kids now. :) I have to admit I haven't tried sitting on the coaster, I'd probably break it!

      Glad you enjoyed my photos, I have many more entries of old Fisher Price toys!