Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baby Girl 1st Birthday Party - Pink Sweet One theme

My baby girl turned one last month and I threw her a simple Pink Sweet One themed party.  It was a small party with friends but I still had fun planning the menu and decorations.

The decorations were from Hobby Lobby.

I made a photo banner with photos from each month of baby's first year.  I cut out pretty paper circles and used number stickers to label each month.  I attached them to a cupcake ribbon with small wooden clothes pins.

I bought 18 balloons in different shades of pink.  They were used as decorations, played with by little children and the next day props for a pink balloon photo shoot!

The birthday girl wore a pink tutu and t-shirt from gymboree.  They were her big sisters but she only wore the t-shirt once or twice. ;) 

Love these two!

I went a little nuts making the menu from scratch.  I made two kinds of ice-cream, cupcakes, ranch dip (with veggies), salsa (with chips) and gluten free brownies.  My good friend brought homemade zucchini hummus.

Big sister trying out the ranch dip and veggies.  Notice my beautiful vintage fiesta relish tray was put to good use. 

The cupcakes were healthy and tasted good.  I knew baby girl would like them since I'd first made them a couple months ago for my birthday.  I made a little smash cake for baby girl to devour.

She was such a dainty little eater.  She massaged her cake a bit but never threw it all over or stuffed it in her face.  Her sweet cupcake bib was a hand-me-down from her big sister.  I bought it from Colby Lane Designs on Etsy.

Since our little guests were mostly other 1 year olds or the pre-school set I sent them home with goodie bags (also from Hobby Lobby) with animal crackers inside and organic lollies on the outside. 

It was a lovely party for the sweetest little One year old around.


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