Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's a Hard Knock Life - Semi Wordless Wednesday

A couple weeks ago this little Annie sang her heart out at Elevate Coffee.

It was our 3rd Character Breakfast at Elevate Coffee.  This one wasn't as crowded so we got a front row seat.  I'm guessing that not all parents let their preschoolers watch Annie.  It's not exactly the most appropriate film with all the alcohol, sex, drug and child abuse references although I watched it as a kid and was a BIG fan.

Can you see the t-shirt my daughter is wearing?  It is a genuine early 80's t-shirt that my sister and I wore.  It has a screen print of Annie & Sandy.  She wore it proudly.

Did you see this little lady on the table?  Another 80's item of mine that my daughter recently discovered.  Lucky for her I saved WAY too much stuff from my childhood. ;)

The last character breakfast of the summer is next monday, August 6th.  It will be The Little Mermaid.  Go here to make a reservation.  See you there!


  1. Now I'm sad I didn't keep my Annie shirt from when I was little! But I think I might still have my Ponies! :)

    1. The ponies seem to be very popular although I know nothing about their value. I even came across a whole forum devoted to vintage my little pony. I'll stick with the FPLP. :)

      I also have a Annie nightgown and costume (red dress and official Annie wig).