Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

We had another big milestone here recently, my "baby" turned 3!  We celebrated this accomplishment with a small Minnie Mouse themed party.  The theme was an inspiration after our successful first visit to Disneyland this summer.  My youngest was especially taken by Minnie Mouse so it seemed a perfect fit (it was that or Frozen, ha!).

Since the party goers were 3 years olds and a few siblings I made the party pretty simple.   I had three games, a few snacks and of course cake!  I dressed my little birthday-girl in a Disney t-shirt, polka-dot skirt and her Minnie-Mouse ear hat (from Disneyland).  I joined in the fun with a furry pair of Minnie ears and my own polka-dot dress.  I think Minnie would have approved.  

I ordered these Minnie Mouse invitations from the Etsy shop Pinch My Cheeks.  They were perfect!  I did have the shop make a couple customizations (added #3 to the back and used pink lettering).

Now, here's what we did for the party:


1. Pin the ring on Minnie - I purchased a printed poster set (party store) but you could make your own Minnie and "pin" on a bow, nose or even ears.  This is a game 2 year olds and up can do.

2. Musical Walk - I put down paper plates with numbers on them (decorated by my oldest daughter with Minnie bows).  I played the Mickey Mouse March (found on YouTube) but you could also use the Mickey cartoon theme song.  Initially I pulled numbers out of a bowl when the music stopped and picked out prizes (little Mickey/Minnie themed toys from the $ store) for who ever was on the plate.  However, I quickly realized that with 3 year olds just picking a plate would be easier (and then removed that plate).

I chose to have everyone receive a prize by the way, they were mostly 3 year olds after all!

3. Cake Plate - This last "game" was my older daughter's suggestion.  I drew Minnie Mouse ears underneath one of the cake plates.  After everyone finished their cake (an important fact to note!!) we carefully looked underneath and the child with the ears won a prize. 


I purchased a Minnie Mouse banner at the party store to decorate the room.  I also ordered 24 helium balloons in Minnie Mouse colors (pink, black, white, red).  I used the balloons in a couple places of the house.  Then after the party they doubled as a photo prop as we've done in years past.  

I ordered an ice-cream cake (family tradition) with a Minnie Mouse theme.  Funny little side-note.  When I went to pick up the cake they showed me the one  on the left.  Yikes!  I'm not sure where the mix-up happened but that was not a Minnie cake!  

Fortunately they were able to fix it and later that day we received this lovely cake instead.  Note: I added the Minnie Mouse and blond little person (they're vintage toys).  Also I edited out my daughter's name.

I made enlargements of a couple photos from our recent trip to Disneyland to decorate the house.  I also framed the two autographed photos of Minnie and Mickey that we received from Disney (a perk for staying at the resort).


My primary favors were Mickey or Minnie mouse ears.  I purchased them from the Etsy shop Unique Boutique by Gami and was thrilled with the results.  I had extras so that some of the parents could wear them too.  

Everyone raved at how comfortable they were and fortunately my friends were good enough sports to wear them during the party.  

It was a success and now I'm preparing for my next birthday party adventure, my soon-to-be 7 year old wants a Frozen party (of course).  

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