Monday, July 14, 2014

Rock Art - Easy Summer Craft

We just came back from a lovely trip to visit my family in the Pacific NW.  One of the highlights for the kids was painting rocks and goodies.  I was inspired by the vintage FP book Things to Make.  We collected rocks, shells, sand dollars and clay babies from the beach to decorate.  

We used non-toxic paints and then later a grown-up sprayed them with acrylic so that they would be waterproof.  Even the grown-ups couldn't resist getting in on the fun.

The activity reminded me of summer camp and the girls LOVED it.  My almost 3 year old primarily used brown (well it started out as other colors but you know how that goes) and even painted one of the rocks....grey.  Hilarious.

I tried to be creative and ended up making a ladybug, turtle, saguaro (cactus) and bear.  I also put words on a couple stones.

My sister is a true artist and she made her husband's face out of one of the rocks.  Isn't that amazing?


We left most of the goodies behind for my mom to enjoy, but brought a few home for us to remember our fun summer trip.

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