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Monday, November 12, 2012

Fairy Princess Birthday Party Games

For my daughter's 5th birthday we had a Fairy-Princess themed party.  This was partly due to the decorations she'd selected, which were fairies (more on that another day) and party because she is all about Princesses and Fairies right now.

I wanted to come up with some games that matched her theme so I did lots of research online and used some ideas of my own.  I had the challenges of the party being outside, boys and girls attending and also a big age range (3-7 yrs).

Here's what we did:

Frozen Fairy
This is a variation of freeze tag.  One child is the "fairy".  She or he tags people who have to then freeze with their legs and arms apart.  They stay frozen until another child crawls through their legs to unfreeze them.  The child is safe while crawling under the other and can't be tagged.  The game ends when everyone is frozen.  The winner is the last child frozen.  You can play again with the winner being the next fairy or give a prize.  We used adults to mark off the playing area in the field.

Practicing how to "freeze".
Frozen Fairy

Pin the Wand on the Fairy
A variation of the classic pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.  You could make your own fairy or buy a pre-made game like I did.  Ours was a Tinkerbell game purchased for $4.99 at Party City.  It came with 8 sticker wands.  The poster is now hanging in my daughter's room as a decoration which she loves!

Decorate Crowns (and superhero masks)
Purchase (or cut out) crowns and have the kids decorate them with stickers, rhinestones and ribbon.  You can buy a kit or make them yourself.  I bought a kit at Hobby Lobby for around $5 for 8 crowns.  Because I also had boys attending I bought superhero masks to decorate.  They had a kit at Hobby Lobby for around $5 for 8 masks.


Fairy Fun Obstacle Course
Using the park equipment and grass and a bit of imagination I created a obstacle course for the party.  It was a hit except for one little fairy (the birthday girl) whose wings prevented her from getting thru the hollow log (tunnel).  I'd recommend removing wings first! :)
1. Dragon Egg Race - Kids balanced (hard boiled) eggs on golden (plastic) spoons and brought them back to the dragon "nest".
2. Hollow Log - I set up a kids collapsible tunnel for them to go through.
3. Magic Bubbles - I had an adult blowing bubbles for the kids to pop.  They had to pop 10 before moving on.  You could also have the kids blow their own bubbles if you had enough wands to go around.
4. Magic Mushroom Leap Frog - I drew colorful "mushrooms" on the pavement leading to the playground.  They had to jump from mushroom to mushroom.

The mushrooms led to the playground equipment and they had to climb up to the top and then go down the big slide.  At the bottom of the slide I drew arrows on the pavement leading to a park bench where I was waiting. I had bags full of fairy wands and wings for the girls to choose from and a bag of superhero capes for the boys.

A good time was had by all.
The frozen fairy game was a bit hard for the youngest kids but they still enjoyed running around.


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  2. That is absolutely cute! A fairy and princess-themed birthday party is so much fun for little girls. The games I particularly like because they really make the party exciting. Perfect for an outdoor party celebration! What was the food, by the way? Did the little fairies and princesses have cupcakes or pizzas for their little tummys?

    Nita Digirolamo

    1. Hello Nita, thanks for stopping by. I made the kids sack-lunches with sandwiches, applesauce, juice boxes and chips. It made preparation and clean up easy!

      And of course they had cupcakes too. :) I did a separate entry on the birthday party food, you should check it out.