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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Annie - Memorabilia and Memories

I am a Anne who was born in the 1970s.  This means that I grew up with the movie "Annie".  You know, the orphan who sings about the sun coming out tomorrow.  Not only did I love Annie (and sang said song in the 5th grade talent show) but I thought my name was Annie, not Anne.  Subtle but I had a small crisis when I discovered the difference in my teens after seeing my birth certificate.

Anyway, lets just say I know all the songs from the Annie soundtrack and I had quite a few Annie things growing up.

I recently re-discovered this box while visiting my parents.  The box of "Annie stuff" held mostly unopened boxes of Annie toys.  Yes that's right, my parents "gave" me toys but then put them away for safekeeping in case they ever became valuable collectibles.

Annie miniatures, dolls and even a limousine
All of these were inside.  Never opened boxes of Annie loveliness.  Can you believe it?  Talk about a hard-knock-life.

Don't feel too bad for me though, I still had plenty of dolls to play with.  Here are a few of my played-with toys from the box.

Annie Costume & wig
My mother made me a beautiful Annie costume for Halloween when I was about 6 or 7.  I also had the official Annie wig that has sadly seen better days.  Here is a photo of me wearing the wig when it was still curly.  I was able to wear the dress again in the 5th grade (what can I say, I was a shrimp) for the talent show. 

So what to do with all these 1980's beauties?  Why sell them of course. :)  My 5 year old does not seem to be as interested in Annie as me (who can blame her, the movie is a bit of a downer with all those sad abused kids) and it seems a waste to open all those boxes!  So I'm putting them up on my Etsy store for others to enjoy.

Annie nightgown, pattern, books, hair clips, shoe laces and a locket.
We'll keep the costume and played-with toys, but all of the new-in-box stuff has got to go whether the sun comes out tomorrow or not. :)  So if you're interested in Annie check out my Etsy shop, I just put a bunch on there.

Oh and PS - I've got a bunch of Annie collector plates too, if you want them let me know.  Ha!

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