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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Books "Advent" for kids

Here is another fun Christmas idea that I read about on Pinterest.  This one is a twist on advent, instead of chocolates each day the kids have books instead.  The dentist would be proud.

It's really quite simple.  You take 25 Christmas or winter themed books and wrap each one up like a present.  Put numbers on each one from 1-25 and that's it!  Of course finding 25 Christmas/Winter books isn't the easiest or cheapest task I realize.  I started a couple months ago regularly checking local thrift stores or garage sales to stock up.

The beauty of this advent is that you can use the same books each year for a few years at least.  In our house we only read Christmas/Winter books in the winter so they are a familiar surprise.  If you don't have 25 right now you could always wrap what you have and then look for Christmas sales.  Or, you could go to my Etsy shop, I have a few Vintage Little Golden Christmas books for sale. :)

It's not too late, you have a few more days till December 1st!

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