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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mini-Wreath Craft Project

After decorating the vine wreath with burlap and felt flowers last week I was inspired to make another one.  Shocking I know. ;)  I'd picked up a smaller vine wreath at my daughter's request and decided to decorate it for the girl's playhouse.

Initially I thought I'd have my 5 year old do it with me, but this really isn't a small child type of craft since I was using hot glue gun!

I took the wreath, some jingle bells, burlap and felt.  Using a glue gun I made a felt flower and a burlap flower.  I learned how to make the flowers at the Coffee & Craft night from my friend Amy.  

First you fold the length of felt (about 18 inches) and hot-glue each end together.  Then make small cuts down the length.  The closer together the cuts the tighter the flower will look.

Next you start to roll the felt up, hot-gluing as you go.

Here are two finished flowers.  The one on the right is turned upside down btw.

I folded and wrapped the burlap to make a flower, then glued some bells on.  I glued on the felt flowers, tied the wreath with a burlap length and we were set.  Here it is compared to the big one I made last weekend.

It looks great on the girl's playhouse if I do say so myself.

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