Monday, October 7, 2013

6 Other Uses for a Beverage Bucket

Do you have a beverage bucket?  Where do you keep it?  We bought our first bucket this summer for get-togethers and I decided that instead of storing it in the garage I'd put it to use around the house.  

Here are 6 ideas I came up with:

1. Photo Prop - Full of water or even empty a beverage bucket can make a great photo prop.  If you have a tiny tiny baby you can fill the bucket with blankets and put the baby (newborn) on top.  If they're a little bigger you can have them sit up in the bucket, so cute!  

The bucket is perfect for a baby, toddler or even a bigger kid!

2. Water Play - Even if you don't have your camera out the bucket is perfect for water-play!  Just add a few toys, cups or boats and your kids can go to town.  Easy clean up too.

3. Dog Bed - This next one surprised me I have to admit.  We had the bucket in our living room 4. Storing a Blanket for us and one day I saw our dog had ended up here.  So I grabbed my camera and took a photo of course.  Naturally this isn't a good fit if you have a regular sized dog, but if you have an Italian Greyhound or other small breed (or perhaps a bigger bucket?) they'll fit just fine. 

5. Toy Bin -  We decided to keep the bucket in our toy room for now as a toy/storage bin.  We keep it in the corner and have stuffed animals in it.  It would work for many different toys though including blocks, cars and dolls. 

6. Creative Play - A few times now I've discovered my kids playing in the bucket.  They pretend it's a boat, spaceship, bed, you name it!  It's great for creative play.

So go ahead, get your bucket out of the garage and put it to use somewhere around your house!

*I bought my beautiful bucket at Target.

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