Saturday, September 7, 2013

Backyard Tub

It's been hot lately, really hot.  It may be September and school may have been going for 4 weeks now but it's still hot. 

I'm talking put a bucket in the backyard with water hot (and yes I had to run the water through the hose for about 10 minutes before it was cold!!).

Sit in the bucket hot.

Bring your favorite purple cups into the bucket hot.

Pour water on your head hot.

Pour water on your dog's head while he's drinking out of the bucket hot.

Pour water on your big sister's head hot.

Try to get into the tiny bucket with your big sister hot.

Whew, that's hot!

Yesterday when I dropped my daughter off at the bus stop it was 109!!  Today it is a lovely cool 88 thanks to some morning rain.  Let's hope we have a few more of these cool days instead of hot bucket days!

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