Friday, September 13, 2013

Fisher Price Friday - Mighty Tractor

We found another adorable vintage Fisher Price pull toy at a antique shop recently.  This sweet little farmer is the Mighty Tractor #629 made from 1962-1968.  It's a mostly wood toy that wobbles all over when you pull the cord.  The farmer moves from side to side and his head turns.  He's fun to watch!

There were a few variations over the production years, the colors of the wheels and the farmer's hat.  However, the basic toy is the same.  The sides of the tractor are covered in lithographs, the front wheels are wood and the back are plastic.

Both sides of the tractor have lithographs of a rooster, hen and a couple chicks.  Also Fisher Price is written above the headlights across the side.
The back of the farmer has the most fabulous detail.  Look at his suspenders, striped shirt and even a red handkerchief hanging out of his pocket!

The front of the tractor has the old "f p" logo with the smiling f.  You can also see the yellow wooden wheels, the pull chord and a blue plastic exhaust pipe.  The farmer's hat is wood on top (yellow portion) with a white vinyl brim.  This photos angle also shows how the tractor goes wobbly as it moves, as seen by the lopsided angle.

A closer look at the farmer shows his adorable happy face complete with freckles and red hair.  You can also see that he has a little yellow chick along for the ride.

Happy Farming y'all!

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