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Friday, September 20, 2013

Fisher Price Friday - Tub Tug and Barge

We're headed back to the bathtub today on Fisher Price Friday.  I don't know about your kids but mine LOVE taking baths, especially if there are toys to play with. :)  I've told you about the Marina, Cruise Boat and a few other fun vintage FP tub toys and I've got another great one to show you!  It's the Tub Tug and Barge #120.  Made from 1979-1990 this toy has jumbo little people figures instead of the smaller classic/original little people.  It is a fun toy both in the water and on land.

It's designed for kids ages 18mo - 4 years but my almost 6 year old still likes it too!  It comes with a boat, barge, sailor, 3 stacking cubes and a square bottom duck.  The boat, barge and sailor are pretty easy to find for sale but the stacking cubes and duck are quite the challenge!  The sailor is a jumbo person with a blue body and a white sailor hat.  He has a solid base unlike the regular jumbo people so that water doesn't get stuck inside.

The three stacking/nesting cubes can each come in either orange, blue or green.  However, a set can only have one of each color.  The largest and smallest have holes in the bottom for water play.  The yellow duck is marvelous, he has a square bottom which allows him to stack nicely in the bottom of the smallest cube.  My sweet little duck was a gift from a wonderful Fisher Price benefactor, thanks again! :)

The barge connects to the boat with a plastic chain which stays on the boat.  The barge is yellow with a red, yellow or white knob at the front for the chain to link onto.  The boat has either a red top/white base or a white top/red base.

Ship ahoy! 

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  1. Almost the first toy we bought for our daughter in 1982. Now the bath toy of choice for her 4 year old son, who looks forward to baths at our house! It's complete, but the barge is beginning to take in water. Any suggestions? Why does no one make this brilliant toy any more?

    1. That's fantastic and I wish they made toys this wonderful still too! As for the barge, is it sinking? Perhaps it has a hole somewhere in it that is causing the leak. :( I'd suggest replacing just that part, it is easier to locate than the smaller stacking accessories. They you can float freely again! I'd look at eBay or Etsy. I think I might have an extra barge in my stash somewhere so if you can't find a good/reasonably priced one let me know.