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Friday, February 1, 2013

Fisher Price Friday - Cruise Boat

Today on Fisher Price Friday I'd like to introduce the charming Little People Cruise Boat #2524.  Also known as the SS Tadpole this colorful plastic boat was made only briefly between 1989-1990 at the end of the classic people run (before chunky and the current LP).  It was designed for children ages 2-6.

The Cruise Boat has only 3 accessories which makes it an easy play set to complete.  However, the little blond boy was only made for this set, so he can be tricky (expensive) to find.  The life-preserver and the captain were found in prior sets.

The boat has many fun features and is perfect for bathtub or pool play as it has no lithographs.  One side of the boat has a orange gangplank/ramp that slides into the boat for storage.  

The back of the boat has a sleeping cabin with two built in beds.  You can access the cabin by flipping up the red fishing chair.

The beds have molded pillows.  My daughter added the mother and baby to demonstrate how they work as they did not come with the original set. It seemed creepy to put the blond boy and the captain in the beds; there is something not quite right about that. ;)

Here is a better view of the fishing chair.  It swivels side to side.  The orange fishing pole and green fish are permanently attached to the boat and move around with the chair.  When in the tub or pool the fish appears to swim around under water.

The front of the Cruise Boat has a built in swimming pool complete with steps and star shapes on the bottom.  This is one classy fishing boat!  Behind the pool are two molded seats (blond boy is sitting in one of them).  The life-preserver is stored on this side of the boat as shown.  I've read that a yellow life-preserver could also have come with the set (less common).

The top deck of the boat includes a stationary diving board and the captain's wheel.

The bottom of the boat has the toy number and the name Fisher Price.  It also mentions Quaker Foods, who owned FP when this toy was made.

Here is a new-in-box version of the Cruise Boat.  The set accessories came sealed together in a plastic bag as shown. 

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