Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Spring" Cleaning the Playhouse in October

It's that wonderful time of year here in Phoenix.  No, not Christmas but "fall".  Temperatures are dropping to the 60's at night and to the (mostly) 80's during the days so we start to leave our homes and actually spend time outdoors in places besides the pool.  We get to do fun things like walks to the park, playground play-dates that go on for hours and backyard adventures.  

We have a wonderful playhouse in the backyard for the girls but after a long summer of dust storms, monsoon rain showers and hot-hot temperatures it is anything but tidy!  This time of year we do a "spring" cleaning in the playhouse to make it ready for months and months of backyard play.

I have two little helpers to make the job go quickly.  We sweep the inside, shake out the rugs, wipe down all the toys and then sweep the porch.

Then voila, it's ready to play!

For more information on the playhouse go here.

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