Monday, October 28, 2013

Fry Em'up at the AZ State Fair!

We went to the Arizona State Fair this weekend.  Here in Phoenix we do things on a different schedule, which means we have the fair in October/November instead of the summer.  Perhaps because the summer wouldn't be very fun with the 115 degree temps!  Although, this weekend's toasty 90 degrees was a bit hot too!

I haven't been to the AZ State Fair for about 6 years but we decided to give it another chance and to show the kids.  We packed up the little red wagon, the kids, my parents (in town visiting) and made the trek into central Phoenix to the fairgrounds.  We parked in the $5 lot and got in for $2 each ($2 before 2:00pm deal).

Now I grew up in a town that had the State Fair and when I think of fairs I think of food, FFA and pig races.  This fair was all about fried food, rides and more fried food.

This fried-fair-food thing has gotten a bit out of hand don't you think?  When I was a kid they had fried funnel cakes and a couple novelty fried items.  Today it seemed to be all we saw!  

I'm talking:

fried butter sticks
fried twinkies, oreos and snickers (it was a combo deal)
fried bacon (some were then dipped in chocolate)
fried watermelon 
fried cactus pads (that might have been good)
fried lasagne
fried pb&j

Just to name a few!  I was intrigued and repulsed at the same time by most of these! Also bacon flavored root beer?  And krispy kreme hamburgers? Say what?!?

Now if you can't get enough of these delicious treats I suggest you head over to the fair this friday.  There is one more chance to go to "Foodie Friday" where you can "taste the fair's signature items for $2 each".  Now that's all well and good but I've got to laugh because I really don't think "foodie" should be used where a pickle and a butter stick deep fried is considered food.  Ha!

Although we didn't go nuts with the fried foods we had a great time at the fair.  My daughter got to go on 3 rides for free!  Just by participating in Read and Ride.  If you have a child age 5-14 have them read 3 books and fill out the paper.  If they're under 6 they just need to draw a picture for each book.  Then you exchange it at the fair for a 3 ride pass.  

Good times!

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