Friday, April 3, 2015

Fisher Price Friday - Mini-Copter

We have had this sweet little toy around our house for awhile but I overlooked introducing it on Fisher Price Friday.  So today is the day. :)  The Mini Copter #448 was made between 1971-1984.  It's a lot smaller than the 1950's Happy Little Helicopter #498, but good things come in little packages. 

The Mini Copter is made out of wood with plastic wheels, propellers and a rear stabilizer.  The Mini Copter has a plastic cord and when pulled the toy makes a quiet whirring sound.  


The red plastic wheels wibble wobble as it moves.

The Mini Copter has lithographs all around.  The top/back is blue with a simple FP logo and the toy number.  The front has an adorable little boy pilot wearing a red cap, black headphones and an orange top.  He appears to be happy by the way. :)

The left side shows a blond haired passenger (with pig tails) and the right side has a brown dog with his paws up against the window looking out.  Both of them look happy too!

I am not aware of any variations to this toy over the 14 years that it was produced.

Now, have you seen the adorable Basic Fun Christmas Ornament version of the Mini-Copter?  Just like the big version but with Santa and his Elves on board!  For more information go here.

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