Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cutest little reclaimed purse

I have to share this adorable new purse that my 4 year old just received.  Her grandmother found it in a local museum gift shop but they are sold online as well.

It's a purse made out of a vintage Little Golden Book.  It just happens to be one of my 4 year old daughter's favorite Little Golden Books.  Have I mentioned before that not only do we have oh-so-many Vintage Fisher Price Little People toys but we also have over 100 old and new Little Golden Books? What can I say, I love the classics. :)

The purse has the back cover of the book on the back naturally.  It has an adjustable closure and a shoulder strap.  

There is plenty of room on the inside to hold many treasures.  

The purse is designed by Suzanne Keolker who has a company named Mugwump.  It's out of Portland Oregon and she has a website, sells at many locations nationwide and also on etsy.  She makes her bags out of reclaimed and recycled materials that she rescues from being sent to the trash.  I saw online that she makes bags and purses out of old board games like Candyland and Parcheesi.  And of course they're not just for kids, they'd be lovely for grown-ups with a sense of humor too!

Thanks Grandma, we love it!

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