Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Lego Friends Themed Birthday Party

For my daughter's 9th birthday party this year she selected a Lego Friends theme.  Lego and especially Lego Friends are big in our house so this wasn't a surprise and was a relatively easy party to plan for.  I'd love to share our details with you today.


The Shop Sample
I selected a personalized invitation from an Etsy store named DesiDesigns7 (image file only) and made copies on Shutterfly.  My daughter especially loved this invitation because it looked like a Lego box with the "2-99" listed on it.  Our copy looked very similar to this one, and even happened to also be a 9th birthday!


For decorations we purchased pink, teal and purple mylar balloons from the dollar store.

I wrapped some of her family gifts in boxes to look like Lego blocks.  I used solid color paper (leftovers from Christmas) and also tissue paper.  Then I cut out a few coordinating colors and glued them onto the boxes.  This worked perfectly because we didn't open the family presents during the party, so they worked double duty!  I also made one gift bag block as seen in the photo.  This one had triple duty on the day of the party because I tied the balloons to it too.

I repurposed the same dollar store pink plastic tray from my youngest's summer Hot Wheels party to use for this party.  I simply cut out an extra bingo card and taped it onto the tray.  I used this tray to hold the favor bags.

Other decorations included Lego Friend's blocks that my daughter put together, purple table clothes (dollar store) and of course a Happy Birthday banner!


Games were especially fun to plan for this age group as there were SO many options!  I pinned item after item on Pinterest and had to narrow down to just a few.  Here are the ones we chose:

1. Cooperative Build: This activity required a big Lego plate, a box of blocks and one die.  The girls took turns rolling the die and they would add that many pieces to the plate.  There was no winner of course, just a nice team building activity to get the party started.

2. Lego Drop: A variation of the old-school clothespin drop game it required a jar, Legos and a stool.  The girls took turns dropping 3 Legos (we chose long ones) into the jar while looking over and having the Lego touch their nose.  We had a small jar and long Lego to increase the challenge.   You could use a regular mason jar with younger kids. The winner of this game got a prize.

3. Tallest Tower: This game required enough medium Lego plates for each girl and a box of Legos.  The task was simple, to build the tallest tower in the amount of time allotted.  In our case we gave them 5 minutes.  The winner of this game got a prize.

4. Lego Friends Bingo:  I think this was the favorite game of the day.  I found this colorful and fun (FREE) game download from the blog Artsy Fartsy Mama.  It was simple and only required the board copies and pieces. We used Lego blocks as markers naturally.  The winner received a prize.  If we had had more time we could have played a few times.

This game was so popular with my youngest that we've played it regularly since the party!   

Now, last but not least.

5. Lego Friends Word Search: This themed word search was perfect for our (mostly) 8-9 year olds and took them a few minutes to complete.  The (FREE) download was also available from the Artsy Fartsy Mama blog.


Although not a game we had Lego Friends coloring pages that I found online (for FREE). I had them out at the beginning of the party for the girls to color before things got started.  

Coloring Pages
Coloring Pages 2

I purchased two packages of photo props (dollar store again) for the girls to pose with.  They had the best time!  I did group shots and also individual photos with the birthday girl.


My daughter selected cupcakes at the grocery store and we used candy blocks to decorate them.  I purchased the blocks from Amazon and also used them on the cupcakes and in the favor bags.


For beverages we had sparkling lemonade (from Trader Joe's) served in pink paper cups.  We added paper straws with Lego Friend's flags on them.  The flags were party-bag toppers (another FREE download from the fabulous Artsy-Fartsy Mama blog) that worked perfectly as a flag.  I simply cut them out, glued them together then punched holes for the straw to fit through.  

We kept utensils in a Lego block holder that my daughter made for the party.  Cute and easy!

Since it was late October in Arizona we had our refreshments outside.  Ah, the perks of desert life. 


We had clear favor bags with soaps we made (that had a Lego Friend figure inside) and more candy blocks tied with a lego block ribbon.  For more information on the favors see my entry here.

To get your own Candy Blox on Amazon go here


We completed the party by sending personalized thank-you photo collage cards (39 cents at Walgreens).  I took the photos of the girls at the party and my daughter added the text.  Simple and a fun and of course manageable since the party was on the small size.

It was a great party and a fun time was had by all!  

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