Thursday, October 29, 2015

8th Birthday Pottery Painting Party

My sweet girl turns 8 today!!  We had her birthday party last weekend and this year we did something easy.  I gave her a choice of a bigger party at home or a smaller party doing something cool (and that cost $$).  She chose the $$ party so she was able to invite 4 friends to join her at a Pottery Painting store and then frozen yogurt!  

We made the invitations out of a package from Target.  To make them a little more interesting I put a hole punch in the card and inserted a paint brush.  I had my daughter help me fill them out and took deep breaths when they weren't quite as perfect as I would prefer, ha!  (Note: I erased all personal info b/c this is the Internet after all!)

I reserved a table at As You Wish (a chain here in the Phoenix area) that happened to have a Frozen Yogurt store next to it.  Perfect!  The store had birthday party options but they were for larger groups (10 kids+) and cost almost twice what I wanted to pay. 

It took the girls 1hr 15 min from start to finish.  They were able to pick their objects (I gave them a $10 budget), their paint colors, paint brushes and then go to town.  The cost with tax for 5 girls was $88 total ($6 paint fee per child + objects + tax).  Not too bad and I didn't have to do the clean up.  I would advise that you have at least two adults to help with your party if you have 5 (or more) kids.  I was very thankful to have my BFF with me at the party!

Next we went to the frozen yogurt shop and the kids got to pick their own flavors and toppings.  Just a word of advice make sure to check ahead with parents on any allergies or sensitivities.  Better safe than sorry (we have a nut allergy friend).  

We opened presents (before eating) and the girls played/ate until their parents came.  So fun!  

The painted masterpieces needed a couple days to be fired so I went back a few days later to pick them up.  

We made personalized thank-you photo collages to give to each girl with her project.  The birthday girl helped me pick out the photos (that I took during the party) for each collage.  Super fun and only .39 each!  I made one for the birthday girl too with photos of her friends and the party title.

We put the wrapped finished masterpieces in a small bag with the thank-you notes and gave them to the girls.  Sort of a delayed goodie bag. :)

It was a wonderful party, almost too easy.  No favors, no cake and no clean up.  Now that's my kind of party.  And the birthday girl had the BEST time.

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