Friday, October 16, 2015

Fisher Price Friday - Jack and Jill Pocket Radio

It's possible I'm a tiny bit obsessed with vintage Fisher Price music boxes; but I can't help myself they're so cute!  Today I'd like to share our #772 Jack and Jill Pocket Radio Music Box.  This little plastic and wood music box was made between 1974-1976.  The #772 isn't the first Jack and Jill music box produced by Fisher Price there were two older and larger versions.  First the 1959-67 #148 Jack and Jill TV Radio and then the 1968-1970 #155 Jack and Jill TV Radio.

Now back to the #772 radio.  It has a red plastic front, a white lithograph wrapped around a wooden box and a blue and white vinyl strap.

Each side of the radio has a drawing of a white sky, green grass, butterflies and colorful flowers.

The back of the radio has a sweet drawing of Jack and Jill falling down the hill after dropping their pail of water.  There is also a cheery sun smiling down at them.  It's a cute drawing!

The rotating pictures in the front of the box have the same Jack, Jill and cheery sun as shown on the back. 

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