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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

6 Flying Tips for Traveling with School Aged Kids

Ah flying, one of the most fun activities in life, especially with kids.  Not!  Unfortunately it is still a necessary way to get from Point A to Point B.  The good news is there are ways to make it more pleasant for everyone.  Well except for that one grouchy guy sitting near you that refuses to smile and will complain about EVERYTHING.  That guy is on all flights, just try not to sit near him if you can. 

6 Flying Tips

1. Sit near the restroom and behind/around other families.  They most likely won't complain about seat-kicking as much as the grumpy man in front of you!  Being near the restroom you can have an eye on your child without having to actually try to squeeze yourself into the itty-bitty bathroom!  And if you have more than one child then you can stay with one while watching the other.

2. Pack headphones for everyone and at least 2 different electronic devices (kindle, iPad, etc).  You never know if your plane will have programming or if it's age appropriate.

3. Bring a bag to put trash in.  You would not believe how much trash your little people can make in a flight, even a short one!

4. Pick airlines that allow children/families to board early.  This is super helpful in these days of not being able to reserve seats together ahead.  I prefer Southwest because their policy allows families to board between A and B as long as one child is 6 or younger.

5. Bring layers.  Even if it is hot where you are planes get cold.  Make sure to have a sweater or jacket for each child and consider a light blanket as well.  Also socks!  Tiny feet get cold in sandals on planes. 

6. Bring wipes.  Yes, your kids are diaper free now that they're school age but wipes are a must!  Use them to wipe down the table seats (b/c on the flight before you a diaper might have been changed on it......), sticky hands after snacks or spills, etc.  Trust me, wipes are still important. 

So there you go, 6 last travel tips.  I have to say that traveling is MUCH MUCH easier now with my older girls.  There was a time (babies, toddlers, cough cough) that I swore we'd never fly again.  I remember one trip where I actually threatened to stay in Hawaii because I refused to fly back home with my crazy toddler.  Ah, those were the days. (ha!)  But now my kids are great travelers both in the car and on a plane.

So if you have younger kids my advice is to hang in there, it will get better!  But here are some links to my travel tips for younger kids.

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