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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Anthem Veterans Day Memorial

Happy Veterans Day!  Today my girls and I headed up north to see the Anthem Veteran's Memorial.  This memorial is a monument dedicated to all branches of the military and those that served.

The monument was designed so that on 11/11 each year at precisely 11:11am the sun shining through illuminates the Great Seal of the United States.  How cool is that?  We have not seen this amazing feature before so we decided to try to see it today.

Unsurprisingly many many other people were up there trying to see the memorial too.  There was a hour long ceremony to mark the occasion and to recognize veterans.

After watching part of the program I brought the kids to the playground nearby.  I attempted to get close to the memorial around 11am but the crowds were large and thick.  People standing around quietly as the minutes ticked closer to 11:11.

Since I was at a distinct height disadvantage I asked tall people ahead of me to take photos for me and this is what they saw.  I also heard from people in the crowds that if I come back tomorrow at the same time I'll see almost the exact same light, just a bit less.  

It was a lovely morning and I was glad to be able to show my girls so many Veterans and to be able to greet them and say thank-you.

Our family is especially proud of Veterans because we have so many relatives that have served.  I thought I'd share some from my family with you today. 

First up my very handsome Father.  He served in the Navy at the very end of the Korean War ("clean up crew").  This photo was taken in Hawaii with his aunties.

Both of my grandfathers also served in the Military.  My Paternal Grandfather was in the Navy (in the 1920s he served on the USS Arizona) and my Maternal Grandfather served in the Army Air Corps in World War II.  

Most of my uncles served in the military.  My Dad's brothers served in the Marines (pictured above left) and Navy (not pictured).  His uncles (my great uncles) were in the Army.

My husband's family also had military veterans including his grandfather who was a decorated Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Air Corps during WWII, the Korean War and Vietnam.

And last but not least my good friend Major Anne Marie is serving in the Army and has toured in Iraq not once but twice!  I am very proud of her service and talents for our country.  Oh and if that wasn't enough her husband is also in the Army and they have had to live apart for months or even years on end when stationed at different parts of our country or world.  

So thankful for their sacrifice and for all of the Veterans in our proud country!

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