Friday, November 20, 2015

Fisher Price Friday - Dept 56 Ornaments Part III

I'm back with my final installment of this year's 2015 Dept 56 Fisher Price Ornaments.  There were a total of 10 this year so I've had to split them into three parts.  This week we have the: Little People Plane, Barn, School House (Dept 56 names).  We know these toys as Play Family Farm #915, Play Family School #923 and the Play Family Fun Jet #183.

We have had other jets at our house (including the #996 Airport Jet pictured above) but not the Fun Jet that they ornament is miniaturized after.  I put it next to my jet since they are basically the same size, just different colors and lithographs.  The Dept 56 ornament is made out of plaster and has no moving parts.  Because it's all one piece there is a solid white band underneath, not as cute as the original but the sparkly wings are a nice touch.

Although I didn't have the #183 Jet full sized toy I do have the Hallmark version from 2010.  The Hallmark version is by far superior as it has a plane door that opens and shuts.  Also sweet little faces peer out of the plastic windows.  Tons of detail!  It is made of plastic so is nice and light.

The lithographs on each plane are pretty much the same which is adorable considering their size.  This photo also shows two of the little people faces looking out the windows while the Dept 56 ornament has only red painted windows.

Up next the Play Family Farm.  This might be my favorite, it's so cute and full of tiny details.  The school is made of plaster and has no moving parts.  It is a bit heavy so put it on a lower branch of your tree. :)  

The front of the school has the same dog, clock and flowers.  It also appears to have the same brown masonite base.

The sides of the school also look very similar.  The right side has the Fisher Price logo (with happy children) found on earlier versions of the school.  The left side has windows but does not show little school children looking out like the original.  

Dept 56 added tiny drawings of the magnets found with the set.

From far away the Dept 56 ornament looks very much like the 2010 Hallmark version however up close you can see the differences.  The Hallmark ornament is on the left and is made of plastic with moving parts including a bell that rings (in the tower).

The sides look very similar although the Hallmark version has people peeking out from the windows like the full size toy.

The Hallmark ornament opens just like the full size toy and even has little people inside.  Isn't it amazing?

Both ornaments have the same Fisher Price happy-children sticker on the side and red handles (but the Hallmark version's handle moves).

The back of the ornaments have the exact same lithographs but the Dept 56 versions aren't quite as crisp and are a bit close together.

Last but not least the Play Family Farm ornament.  I have the same family farm but please note that the silo is not the correct one.  It's the same size but it came with a much later version.

Like all the other Dept 56 ornaments the barn is made of plaster and has no moving parts.  But doesn't it look so perfectly tiny?

The back has the same circus poster, sleeping dog and striped walls.  And yes, I realize that I forgot to move the silo when setting up this photo, I think I was in a hurry. :)

I am fortunate to have a 2008 Hallmark version of the Play Family Barn. It was the second Fisher Price ornament produced by Hallmark and is usually priced very high ($100+) online.  It is a special little ornament with moving parts and even a barn door that moos!

The Dept 56 ornament doesn't do anything but when you put them side to side I have to admit that it looks more like the original full sized toy than the Hallmark version.  

The Hallmark ornament has doors that open to show a farmer, his wife and a cow inside.  The door also moos thanks to batteries.

The rear of the barns have the same lithographs on both barns, slight differences on the silos.  Note that again the Dept 56 barn looks more like the original with a brown (masonite looking) base and even the slope of the roof is closer.

My final comparison is of the sides where I will again admit that the Dept 56 ornament is a more accurate copy than the Hallmark ornament.  The Dept 56 lithographs have the same long multi paned windows and the flowers in the corner.  

So perhaps this is my favorite Dept 56 ornament of 2015!

They're all adorable and I can't wait to put them on my tree next week!!  Let's just hope all these beauties fit, I may need to buy a bigger tree. :)

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