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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A week of lasts...

It is hard to believe that our summer break is already coming to an end!  How is that possible?  And how oh how can these kids go back-to-school when it is 110+ out?

I digress.  Last week was good and long and hard and fun.  We had a bunch of "lasts" on in a row.  Here's what we did:

Last Peter Piper Pizza Summer Fun

My girls loved going to tuesdays at Peter Piper Pizza.  They offered a different themed activity each tuesday morning (before the regular store hours) which included crafts, coloring, games (sometimes) and then pizza and tokens at the end!  For only $5.49 each it was a great deal.  

Last Harkin's Summer Fun Movies

There is one more week but this was the last movie for my girls.  The Harkins Summer Fun has been a great summer destination the last few years.  For only $7 each (total!) the girls and I got to see up to 10 movies this summer on friday mornings.  We skip a few but it's still a great deal and super fun to meet friends at.  We also added swimming at our community pool with friends after and that made it an even better summer morning!

Last week of Swim Lessons

I calculated that this has been our 9th summer of Parks Department Swim Lessons!  For the low low price of $15 (each) our girls get safe and kind instructors for 2 weeks of lessons (M-Th).  It's the best deal around.  Now granted it was cooler when I was in the mommy-and-me lessons back in the day and sitting on metal bleachers in 115+ degree afternoons isn't super fun, but it's so worth it to see my girls progress in swimming.

and finally....

Last week of my Thursday Morning Mommas Group

This one is so bittersweet.  Some friends and I started this group in the late summer/early fall of 2011 so that I'd have somewhere to hang out while my oldest was in pre-school one morning a week.  We kept meeting through the summers and into the next almost 5 years!  Some moms outgrew our group and many many new babies were added and it has been a very sweet and special time for me and my youngest (and big sis during breaks).  Some of her very best friends were in this group and I can't imagine not seeing them weekly.  Sigh!

However, with my youngest starting kindergarten next week I won't need a preschool playgroup anymore.  Change, bittersweet I tell you.  

One more week of summer vacation and then we're back to school.  I'm looking forward to new things but man, that first day of school is going to be rough!

I'll be back to let you know how it goes, and to fill you in on our Kindergarden transition with the youngest.  I plan on doing some special things just like we did with the oldest 3 years ago.

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