Friday, August 26, 2016

Fisher Price Friday - 2016 Dept 56 Christmas Ornaments

For the last few years I have shared on my blog the current Fisher Price ornaments available.  In 2015 and 2014 they were created by Department 56.  Before that it was Hallmark and a couple other places.

This year Department 56 released ten more ornaments this summer but....I'm not impressed.  Except for a couple they're not very innovative, rather repeats with slight variations of past ornaments.

Department 56 ornaments already pale in comparison to the ornaments previously produced by Hallmark and Basic Fun. They are made of heavy resin and have limited detail and no movement.  However, they are better than nothing since no one else has produced vintage Fisher Price toy ornaments since Hallmark stopped in 2012.

Here is a closer look of the 2016 Department 56 ornaments.  I usually take photographs of them next to the original toys or similar ornaments but as I said before I'm not super excited about them and haven't decided whether I want to spend $15-$20 (each) on them.  

First up the "Chatter Phone".  This is very similar to their 2013 version except this one has a bow on top.  Since I already have 4 other Chatter Phone ornaments I'm not convinced that I need this one too. :)

L to R - Basic Fun, Dept 56 (2013), Hallmark and Fisher Price


Next up is the "Baby Blocks 2016".  This one is a unlike prior ornaments and is double sided.  It doesn't shout out vintage Fisher Price but it is cute.  I'm considering adding this one to my collection.

This one is called the "Toy Chest Personal Ornament".  Personally I think it looks like a copy of Basic Fun's 2006 Toy Chest.  Except this version is polyreisin (Basic Fun is made of plastic) and has Baby's First Christmas written on the outside.  I'm going to pass.  It is the most expensive of the 10, costing $20.

Three ornaments using the Rock a Stack were introduced this year (four if you count the rock a stack in the toy chest ornament).  This version has the familiar Rock a Stack with tinsel around it and a star on top.  It is very similar to their unadorned 2013 Dept 56 version.  The other two will be shown below, they are accompanied by elves. :)

This years Xylophone ornament may make it onto my tree since it is fashioned cleverly like a sled.  This is a more intersting version than their original 2013 Xylophone.

This years Corn Popper is also different enough that I may consider paying the $15.  It looks like it is made of candy cane pieces, which is similar to the Basic Fun Candy Cane Popper, but a little different. I wonder if it has any moving pieces like the Hallmark and Basic Fun versions?  I will make sure to update if I purchase it, but if it is anything like previous Dept 56 ornaments then the answer will be no.

Now last and possibly least are the final 4 Fisher Price ornaments made in 2016. 

Except for the "Little People Cake Topper" ornament the other three do not look very vintage to me.  They are also more variations of the same toys produced before (Rock a Stack & Chatter Phone).  At this point I don't think I'll be paying the $15 each.  The ornament names listed on the Dept 56 website are: Little People Ornament, Chatter Phone Elf Ornament, Little People Cake Topper and Rock a Stack Elf Ornament.  

So there you go.  The 2016 Department 56 Fisher Price ornaments.  Will you be adding them to your tree this year?

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