Friday, September 23, 2016

New Fisher Price Classic Toys - Baby Rattles

I recently discovered the cutest little baby rattles that look like the oh-so-familiar classic Fisher Price toys of my youth.  I am so sad that I no longer have a baby of my own to give them to. They would have been so cute connected to rings on car seats and strollers.  Sigh.  Those days are long gone but I still bought a couple and I think they'd be the best little baby shower gifts.

I bought two of the baby rattles, they are much smaller than the original toys and a bit larger than the Christmas ornament versions.  They were $3.99 and $2.98 each.

The Rock a Stack Clacker makes clacking sounds when you shake it. It looks a little like the #740 Giant Rock a Stack but mostly like the #1050 or #627 newer versions.

Next up the Roly-Poly Chime Ball that is a tiny little version of the #165 Roly Poly Chime Ball.  It chimes a bit but mostly rattles when you shake it.

It doesn't have lithographs inside like the original, but it has the same colors.

There are three other toys too including a My First Farm, Puppy Pal Clacker, Happy Apple and a Corn Popper Rattle.  I bought mine on Amazon and I've seen them at Target too.

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