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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Popsicle Pool Float and other Spring Break Grocery Store adventures

Yesterday was the first day of spring and my girls first day of Spring Break.  What fun activity did I plan for them?  Why a trip to the grocery store of course. :)  But hey, I made it fun by letting them take turns pushing the cart (yikes!), Starbucks ice-tea (free refills!) and a random gigantic pool float purchase.

Oh that's right, we found this amazing Popsicle Pool Float for wait for it.....only $4.99! It was on sale but even the regular price ($5.99) is pretty awesome.  They had them in boxes but the already inflated ones were my pick because, man, no one likes to fill those things!!

The only downside (or upside depending on how you look at it) was trying to get that big ole thing through the store.  It made for some funny moments and looks (or glares) from other shoppers. 

This fun popsicle is going to look awesome with our donut float from last summer!  And...it might make me want more sweets.  Ha!

If it is still winter in your land and/or you don't have an Albertsons then check out this float on Amazon, it's the same one for just a bit more.  And for the donut float look here at Target.

PS - It was 92 degrees yesterday....just saying that this pool float is just in time!

On our way out the kids convinced me to play the Albertson's Monopoly game.  We hung out in the Starbucks (more free refills!) for over an hour looking for pieces (yay letter/number searching for my youngest).  Just when we'd finish up our pile another shopper would see us and give us their stack of tickets.  So. Fun.  I might have to take them back again today.   

So if you have kids that's my tip, hang out near the checkouts doing the game and nice people will share with you.  And no, we haven't won a million dollars yet but here's hoping!

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