Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday School Teacher Thank-you Gift

This time of year means lots of thank-yous.  When thanking teachers don't forget your Sunday School teachers!  Our kids promoted to the next school grade this weekend so I had the kindergarteners make this project on their last Sunday before promotion.  Then I dropped it in the mail for their teacher as a sweet surprise.

I had the kids each write on a 3x5 card a note, drawing or thank you for their teacher and then sign it.  I took a few photos of the kids including a funny group shot.

When I got home my daughter and I picked out a few photos and made copies on our super cool Polaroid Zip Mobile printer (LOVE that thing)!  We added a few sheets with photos, punched a hole in the pages and added a ring.  (You could print regular photos out as well)

Voila a cute (and easy) teacher appreciation gift!  

*You could also add a gift card, art supplies and/or flowers.  

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