Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hot Chocolate Party Favor - Easy Peasy!

My oldest nephew got married last weekend and they had the most delicious party favors.  Little individual hot chocolate sticks.  Each favor included a cube of chocolate and a cube of marshmallow on a stick with a tag that said "Bride & Groom's Names, Wedding Cocoa - The Perfect Mix".

When we got home to try them I guessed that they must be made out of fudge.  Just last month I posted an easy way to make a mocha at home using homemade fudge.  In my case it was my super simple 7 Minute Dark Chocolate Fudge recipe!

1 oz of Fudge (try my recipe!!), approximately 1 inch cubed
1 marshmallow 
- stick, cellophane square and ribbon to decorate

Directions on the tag should say to stir the stick into 8 oz of steaming milk.

What a wonderful gift idea to combine the fudge and a marshmallow (homemade or store bought)!  Perfect for a wedding or birthday party favor (hello Frozen themed parties!!!) or even a simple Christmas gift. 

I can't wait to make them myself.  Of course I'll need a different little tag since my wedding days are long gone.  Here are some ideas:

Frozen Party Theme

"A Sweet Treat to Warm Your Heart"
"Some People are Worth Melting For"

Christmas Gift

"Baby It's Cold Outside"
"Have a Cup of Cheer"

Happy Wedding Ryan and Mackenzie and thanks for the hot chocolate! :)

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