Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Splash Pad Crawl - Super Fun Summer Activity!

We are enjoying the last week of summer break before school starts next week.  Earlier in the summer I had the idea to go on a Splash Pad adventure with our friends.  Now one splash pad is fun enough, but what if we spent the day going from splash-pad to splash-pad?  You know, "crawl" style.  Ah, an idea was born and put on the calendar.  

We waited until we could coordinate with our friends and today was the day!

It is a simple and practically free activity that the kids LOVED.  We planned out 4 splash-pad locations and met up at stop #4 first so we could carpool.  After all, a crawl isn't a crawl unless you're all going together!

Splash-Pad #1 had a playground and a splash-pad so the kids could go back in forth between the two.  We stayed there at least an hour before moving on.  

We had started the day around 10:20am so the kids were ready for lunch before we hit the next splash-pad.  We drove to the outlet mall and had lunch in an oh-so-lovely air conditioned food court.  This was key because it was between 105-111 degrees here today (yikes!!!).  We packed our own food to save money.

Splash-Pad #2 was at the mall and we stayed for about 20 minutes before moving on.  The mom's did a quick Starbucks drive through for Trenta Ice-Teas before we arrived at Splash-Pad #3.


Splash-Pad #3 was by far the coolest splash-pad and we spent about an hour here.  It had horse squirters, fountains and a bucket that dropped water.  So fun!  This splash-pad also had a bathroom which is key with 4 little kids. :) 

After leaving we stopped by a nearby Sonic to pick up fruit slushes for the kids, but made them wait until our final stop to drink them (hello red drinks in my white van!!).

Splash-Pad #4 was our final stop and where we had met up that morning.  The kids had slushes and more splash-pad fun before we ended the day in our local pool.  Such a fun day!!

If you don't have 3 or more Splash-Pads in your community consider doing a Pool Crawl or weather permitting a Playground Crawl.  You could also coordinate with friends and set up different sprinklers in backyards and do that instead.  It makes an otherwise ordinary activity a little more exciting. :)

Tips and things to remember:

1. Pack a cooler with snacks and extra water.
2. Apply sunscreen before each new splash-pad.
3. Figure out a plan ahead so that you have an idea of where to eat lunch and of course bathrooms!
4. Stop in-between Splash-pads for (surprise) goodies like ice-cream, slushes or iced-tea.
5. If the kids are getting restless and whiny it might be time for a meal or snack!

Hooray, what a super fun day!!

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