Friday, August 14, 2015

Fisher Price Friday - Little People Little Mart

I'm back with another Vintage Fisher Price Little People set to share.  It's the Little People Little Mart #2580 made from 1987-1989.  It got this set for my daughter's 4th Birthday because I love to give my kids old and new toys. :)

The set came with four little people figures; a man, woman, police woman and a Lucky dog.  There was only one variation to the people, which would be the same lady but with a darker red body.

The set came with a few exclusive pieces including the grocery cart and groceries.  The groceries fit inside the cart and have a tiny little molded egg crate and milk carton showing on the top.  These two pieces are the hardest to find and can cost more than the set base!

The yellow pay phone is not an exclusive piece (was also in the Main Street #2500) however a more rare blue variation of the pay phone is exclusive.  

The set came with two vehicles; a two seater car and a red tow truck.  The tow truck was exclusive to this set and is pretty nifty.  The hook in the back actually works to tow Fisher Price vehicles that have a tow hook at the front (not all do).  The set came with a green base/green top car.  They also had variations of a green top/white base or a blue top/blue base.

This is the tow truck in action towing the pretty pink car from the #2453 Beauty Salon.

The Little Mart has a car wash on the right, a gas station on the left and a grocery store in the middle.  The car wash has a lever that moves up a ramp to keep the car from driving through.  It also has a moving car wash roller.  My favorite part of the car wash is the lithograph on the wall of a father and son watching through the "window".  The dad is holding a loaf of bread and the little boy is pointing excitedly out the window.  I love this because my kids do the same thing! :)

The gas station has a pump that changes color (yellow and green) when you turn the crank around.  There is a hole on the side for the pump to fit in when not in use.

The front doors of the grocery store open automatically when the white step is pressed down.  This is one of my kid's favorite features!

The back of the grocery store has a plastic mini wall in the back.  However, there is a variation to this as well. One version has no back wall as seen in the photo below.

No back wall.

Inside the grocery store there is a lithograph on the wall that is the opposite side of the view from the car wash.  In other words, it is the same father and son but this time you see the back of them instead of the front.  How brilliant!  The lithograph also shows grocery store products including cereal, soap, juice, fruit and candy.

The other side of the shop (that shares a window with the gas station) has a smaller lithograph of candy and goodies.  The store has a plastic counter, cash register and space for a little person to stand.

It's a bright, light, compact, portable and fun set!  I don't know why I waited so long to add it to our collection but am glad we finally have it. 

Right now I have an extra Little People Little Mart in my Etsy shop

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