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Monday, July 3, 2017

Family UTV adventure near Zion Park

A big highlight of our family vacation to Zion National Park was a UTV tour as a family.  The girls and I had never been on a ATV or a UTV so this was extra exciting for us.  

After researching the options my husband chose UTV Adventure Tours.  Located about 45 minutes from Springdale (Zion) this company had good vehicles, prices and reviews.

Our vehicle fit all four of us and we were securely strapped/buckled in.  The tour company provided snacks, water bottles, goggles, a booster (for my little) and offered helmets.  Note: We chose to skip the helmets but in hindsight (and at the advice of my UTV rolling nephew) this was perhaps unwise.  Next time safety first!

My husband and I took turns driving the UTV, although I had just as much fun being a passenger.  Our tour was led by a UTV Adventure Tours guide, we just followed his UTV after a quick lesson on how to drive the vehicle.  

We scheduled a 3 hour excursion but ended up extending it to 4 because we were having so much fun!

Our 4 hours were spent in the Hurricane Sand Dunes.  We used those hours to race up and down sand dunes, climb over rocks, stop at the shore of the Sand Hallow Reservoir and visit/explore rock formations.  Fantastic!  

The girls loved the ride and squeeled with delight.  By the end my youngest had actually fallen asleep!  Kids.

By the time the tour was over we were covered in a fine film of red sand.  Our guide said it was a free facial. ;)  I found dust in my hair, teeth, ears and inside my socks.  This was due to a couple quick turns in the dunes where a shower of dust came into the vehicle. Oops. Totally worth it though!

  • Put on sunscreen ahead (NO fun once you're sandy/dirty).
  • Bring sunglasses and hats.  
  • Bring a washable dark colored bag to hold your extras/valuables.  I used my handy-dandy packable backpack and although it was completely covered in dust by the end it washed clean.
  • Make sure your camera is in a zip tight bag or you'll be sorry.
  • Consider wearing tighter shorts.  I had jean cut offs and my iphone fit perfectly inside my shorts leg while we were driving.  Easy to get access but kept dust-free and didn't slide around.

For more information:

UTV Adventure Tours
1430 East Washington Dam Road #3
Washington, Utah 84780-2154
Phone: 435-313-4040

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