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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Egg Radishes and Artichokes, my favorites from this week's CSA

Our Chow Locally CSA box yesterday did not disappoint.  There were so many bright colors that it resembled a bouquet of flowers.  Check out these Easter Egg Radishes.  Pink, purple and white, just lovely.  I've read that they are mostly a decorative radish, so perfect in salads or for dipping.  I happen to have a yummy buttermilk ranch dressing/dip so I'm all set.

This week's share also included beets, nelson carrots, curled kale, spring garlic, romaine lettuce, red chard and artichokes.  I have plans to make some kale chips and to saute the chard tonight.  

Artichokes are a favorite of mine and the 4 year old.  Yes, my 4 year old eats artichokes.  I was surprised too.  We do it the only way I know how which is the way my mother made it for me.  I  steam the artichokes with chunks of garlic until softened.  Then you take off each leaf and pull off the "meat" with your teeth.  Of course not before dipping it on a deliciously indulgent dip made out of vegenaise (or mayonnaise) and a splash of lemon juice.  When I was growing up my mom made the dip out of melted butter and mayonnaise, so this is a slight health improvement.  Ha!  In my 20's I visited friends in France and they dipped the artichoke leaves in only vinegar.  Not as good let me tell you, especially after being raised on such a rich dip.

Steamed Artichokes
Trim off an inch or two of the artichoke stem.  Using scissors cut off any sharp tops of individual leaves (yes this can be time consuming but worth it if you have a really sharp artichoke).  Place in a large pot stem up if you have several.  In a steaming basket if you have one or two.  Slice up 3-4 garlic cloves and add them to 2 inches of water.  Steam until the artichoke leaves are tender, about 30-40 minutes depending on the size of the artichoke.

Lemon Vegenaise Dip
For the dip take a couple Tbsp of vegenaise and add a squirt of fresh lemon juice.  Of course you could substitute mayonnaise for the vegenaise.

How do you prepare your artichokes?


  1. I dip in straight butter! And can I just say I have totally been craving these. Might have to send Shawn to the store! I have never steamed them with garlic I will have to try that.

    1. Also another fine dipping choice. I do love me some butter. ;). I'd bring you some when the boys come but they're really not a 1 handed food, ha! So eat up now!