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Friday, May 25, 2012

Fisher Price Fridays - Cash Register

Time to do a little shopping, Fisher Price style.  Today on Fisher Price Fridays it's the Cash Register #926.  This cash register was created between 1974-1990, made after the wood version #972.  This updated version is all plastic with plastic coins.  It came with 6 coins, two of each color (yellow, red and blue).  I think that I have version B926B (dated 1974) because I am missing the large lithograph in the back.  The original version had a litho of children picking apples from a tree.  Along the bottom is a lithograph of the numbers 1 thru 10 in different colors.

There are three slots in the top to fit the different coins.  There are two buttons on the top.  When you press the red "Change" button a coin drops down the side.  When you press the green "sale" button the coins drops into the drawer (and a green "sale" shows in the box).  

There is a green crank on the side that opens the drawer and makes the bell ring.  The lithograph on this side is a woodgrain design with a squirrel holding a 10 cent coin.  There are 5 and 25 cent coins on each side of him.

On the left side there is a orange coin return ramp.  The woodgrain lithograph includes two squirrels, each one holding a coin.

The front of the register has a green drawer, brown coin shelf and three coin buttons.  The 5 cent coin shows a green balloon.  The 10 cent is a red apple and the 25 cent a vanilla ice-cream cone.  Such a colorful toy!  My daughter loves to play store using the cash register.  It's a sweet little toy.


  1. H.grenville@hotmail.comApril 3, 2016 at 5:57 AM

    Do you have replacement coins?

    1. Hello there. No, I do not have any extra coins available right now. I am so often asked for them, they are so easily lost so I can see why!

  2. I didn't have this but I do remember playing with it as a pre-teen. It's looks like a Western cash register

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