Monday, January 21, 2013

Crockpot Roast with Barley & Vegetables Recipe

I had a rump roast that needed to be cooked last week.  I decided to mix it up by adding some odds and ends to the roast and making my own recipe.  I am pleased that it turned out, especially since the rump roast was free-range organic beef which would have been a shame to toss!

My roast was just about 2 lbs, which fed my family of 2 adults, 1 child and 1 toddler.  If you have more mouths or prefer more leftovers I'd suggest a larger roast.  Just double the ingredients and you'll be set.

The baby (she's 18 months but will always be my baby) gobbled down the barley and carrot pieces.  She probably ate more of those than I did!  The 5 year old preferred the meat and carrots but pronounced it good.  The husband ate it all!  Success!

If you had other odds and ends around (veggies) you could add them too, perhaps celery or turnips.  Or potatoes instead of barley.  I didn't cook the meat ahead at all, just put the thawed roast into the crock pot.  So easy!

I do have one confession about this recipe.  I intended on using beef broth and cream of mushroom soup.  However, when I went to put everything together I realized that I didn't have those on hand.  Whoops!  I went ahead and used chicken stock and cream of chicken soup.  It turned out just fine and my family wasn't the wiser.  However, I would recommend using a cream of mushroom or celery and a beef or vegetable broth.  ;)

Crockpot Roast with Barley and Vegetables
2 lb Rump Roast
2-5 garlic cloves
1 box of condensed cream soup
10 oz broth (+ another 8 oz 1/2 way through)
2-3 carrots - sliced (consider more if your family loves carrots)
1 onion - sliced
6 oz mushrooms - sliced
salt & pepper
1/2 cup barley (not the quick kind)

1. Place carrots and onions in the bottom of the crock pot.  Put the roast (fat side down) on the veggies.  Stick 2-3 garlic cloves into the meat (make little slices for them to fit in).
2. Add salt and pepper to the top of the roast.
3. Mix condensed soup and broth together.  Add 2 sliced garlic cloves.  Pour over roast.  Add the mushrooms.  Set to cook on LOW for 8-10 hrs.
4. About 1/2 way through add (uncooked) barley and 1 more cup of broth.

The roast is ready when it falls apart and the veggies are cooked.

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