Saturday, January 26, 2013

Date Night - Comic Con

Guess where we went last night?

Yes it's true, we went to the Amazing Arizona Comic Convention for our date night last night.  It was absolutely out-of-the-box for us (we're more the dinner/movie type) but it was SO FUN!  I had the best time checking out and taking photos of costumes, talking to the exhibitors and attendees and looking for souvenirs.

I met a lovely artist named Hanna Nance Partlow.  She had colorful drawings and beautifully lettered stickers (she's a "letterer").  She said she could draw "almost anything" for $5 so I had her make me into a superhero.  She also has a facebook page here.  Can you tell I am a fan?

What do you think?  We loved it so much that I had her draw the 5-year-old as a fairy (a current favorite lately).  So fun!

We picked up a couple more souvenirs and it was time for the convention to close for the night so we went off in search of dinner.

More on that later.

Such a fun night!  The Amazing Arizona Comic Convention runs through the weekend.  Tomorrow (Sunday) they're open from 10am-6pm.  

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  1. Oh my! FUN! Thanks for sharing the pics! I'm envious you got to go to Comic-con! I also like the letterer!