Friday, March 14, 2014

Fisher Price Friday - The Westerners

Today we go back West for Fisher Price Friday.  I am introducing the Westerners #676 produced from 1984-1990.  This was an accessory set for the Play Family Western Town #934 (1982-1984) but could also be used by itself.

This first version was made from 1984-1988 and included the Cowboy with a 10 gallon hat (and handlebar mustache), the Gambler (sometimes referred to as Mayor) and a Indian with blue scarf and red markings on his hat.

The Gambler may look familiar, he looks a lot like the Ringmaster from the Circus Train #991 and the Play Family Circus #135.  The main difference is size, the ringmaster is short while the Gambler is tall.

The second version was made from 1989-1990, can you spot the difference?  The Cowboy and Gambler are the same, only the Indian has a slight variation.  This one has a blue scarf and blue markings.  It is also a lighter red color.

The Western Town also came with an Indian, and the catalogues and sets I've seen show a Orange Indian with markings on his chest.  However, they are many other Indians (more than I have shown here) that must have come with either a different version of the Westerners or with the Town.  Ah, mysteries.  

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