Friday, August 8, 2014

Fisher Price Friday - Activity Lunch Box

It's been a busy summer and believe it or not we're gearing up for school.  My oldest starts next week!  I figured this was a good time to share our Activity Lunch Box #1054.  My youngest would love to bring this box to school, but fortunately I have a couple more years with her before she goes to kindergarten.

The Activity Lunch Box #1054 was made from 1993-1994 and came with 9 pieces.  It includes a thermos with lid, hinged shape sorter, sandwich shapes (2 bread, 1 cheese and 1 tomato), orange triangle cake slide and a red circle cupcake.  The box has a white front, blue back and yellow handle.  There is an alternate variation where the front is yellow, back blue and handle is white.  The lithograph on the front shows a dog and cat enjoying lunch.


The box was designed for children ages 9 - 36mo and I can confirm that it is popular with my just turned 3 year old.
The box has a hinged sorter inside that little ones can put the different shapes into.  My sorter is yellow and the variation would be a white.

The thermos is a white milk bottle with a squeaker in the top.  The front has a teddy bear and the back says Fisher Price.  The blue lid doubles as a cup and has a rattle inside the top.  Note that there is a variation where the lid is green instead of blue and the squeaker is blue instead of green.

The sandwich pieces are two white pieces of bread, a red tomato and a yellow cheese.  The pieces stack on top of each other, or on the spaces in the lid of the box.  The alternative variation includes bread pieces that are yellow with a white piece of cheese.

The cake shapes in my version are orange slice (triangle) and red cupcake (circle).  The alternate version is opposite with a red slice and a orange cupcake.

We're ready for school!  

I've got a Activity Lunch Box in my Etsy shop right now if you want one too. :)

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