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Friday, August 22, 2014

Fisher Price Friday - Dump Truck

Happy Friday!  Today I'd like to share a vintage little person that is hard at work.  It's the Little Trucks Rigs Dump Truck #342.  There are many little construction vehicles and people in the Fisher Price world and this set is a pretty simple one.  Made from 1980-1984 this two piece set includes a construction worker and a dump truck.

The construction worker is very distinguished with a thick mustache and pointy nose.  He has a light blue body, silver construction hat and an orange scarf.  He could also have a green body, sharp nose, silver construction hat and an orange scarf.

The dump truck is a one seater with an orange base and yellow bucket.  The truck has four black knobby wheels that are different from other FP cars and trucks.  

There is a green/yellow version of this dump truck that goes with the Lift and Load sets.

The bucket is spring loaded and in fact I needed the little construction man to hold it down for the photo or it would have snapped shut. :)

Here are more of our construction workers from different sets.  There are still quite a few variations that I don't have (yet) if you can believe it (at least 9!!).

I have some construction workers for sale right now in my Etsy shop.  Lots of other goodies too!

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  1. I have this..back when we had a sandbox (didn't give it up until I was an adult)-I used to play with a version of the dump truck in the sandbox