Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Riceworks House Party

On a recent beautiful thursday morning I met my friends at a playground for another House Party!  This time I hosted a riceworks party with lots of (free) goodies to share!

My prize pack included 6 bags of rice chips with interesting flavors like: Sundried Tomato, Salsa Fresca, Sweet Chili, Sea Salt & Black Sesame, Black Japonica Rice and Sea Salt.  They also included cups with straws/lids, coupons, magnetic note pads and best of all....chip clips!  We always need chip clips so they were the big winner. :)

Initially I thought the chips would just be for the adults but the kids loved ALL of the flavors too.  We passed the bags around one at a time and then voted for which flavor we liked the best.

Sweet chili won top award followed closely by Salsa Fresca.

Happy kids, happy moms!

Thanks House Party and riceworks.

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