Wednesday, February 24, 2016

4 Favorite IKEA things

I've been a fan of IKEA since my first year of college which was ah-hem over 2 decades ago.  The first time I visited I was so awed by the sheer size and referred to it as "Disneyland for grown-ups".  My infatuation with IKEA has waxed and wained over the years and although I don't go as often I still find it a fun outing.  I always make sure to have at least one meal there and of course at least 2 free cups of coffee (it's free for members).  

Although I usually only go 3x a year I've been twice in the last week!  I've had my free coffee, $1.99 waffle breakfast, free kids meal (on tuesdays), $1 ice cream cone, Swedish Meatballs meal (try the chicken version) and of course picking up random odds and ends that I didn't even realize I needed until I was there!

I thought I'd share 4 of my favorite recent finds, just in case you needed a reason to head over there.

1. PUGG wall clock - this old fashioned and classic looking clock is a perfect addition to my laundry room.  I've been looking for a clock to help us get out of the house on time in the morning.  This clock is a bargain at only $10.99.

2. VARDAGEN carafe - This little carafe holds 17 oz and has a soft silicone lid.  It fits in my car's drink holder and is my new perfect way to carry water (or iced tea, or iced coffee!).  And at only $1.99 it is the deal of the day.  They also make a 34 oz carafe for only 1 dollar more.  I loved this little beauty so much that I bought another one yesterday!

3. RADIG espresso pot - I have been considering this little piece of coffee heaven for over a year.  Since I already own a Keurig (and a coffee press and a 4 cup coffee maker) it seemed overboard to purchase another coffee making apparatus.  However, I decided to give it a whirl because it is only $19.99, very pretty and I wanted to make espresso at home.  I purchased some IKEA espresso grounds to go with it ($3.99 a package) and let's just say I'm a fan.  It takes longer to make than my Keurig of course, but when I'm home and have the time it's a treat.  

4. PANNKAKOR - Swedish pancakes that are ready in a few seconds (microwave or longer in the oven) and cost only $4.99.  Yes please! 

So that's my latest top 4.  I could also mention the Norwegian frozen salmon filets, Kakor biscuts (cookies with jam and frosting!), SKUBB drawer organizers and of course the $2.99 milk frothers but I'll try to save those for another day. :)

Until next time IKEA!

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