Thursday, February 11, 2016

Summer is Back! :)

It's that lovely time of year in Phoenix again where the rest of the country (maybe not CA) is freezing/snowing and having snow days and blizzards and we're pulling out the shorts, sandals and sunscreen.  Ah, the reason we moved her in the first place.

No really, my husband and I actually moved here (from the Midwest) just for the sun.  We said why should we wait until we retire to live in the desert and here were are going on 10 years!

It happens quickly here too.  Last week I was wearing boots/scarf/coat and today it's sandals, t-shirt and capris.  Good. Times.

My favorite things about living in Phoenix in February:

1. Sandals - My toes missed the sunshine.  Also it's nice to actually see the polish on my toes.  

2. Iced Coffee - I'm back to my favorite iced vanilla coffee at Starbucks.  It's cheaper than some of my other favorite drinks and never burns my mouth. :)

3. Parks - The kids can live it up again at the park (50's were too cold!!).

4. Backyard - Getting to use and enjoy our backyard.  I had lunch out there yesterday and my girls have spent hours and hours playing outside in the sun.

5. Free citrus - I appreciate being able to fill a whole container with fresh squeezed orange juice with fruit from neighbors/friend's trees! (and also have lemons and grapefruits aplenty).

Well you get the idea.  It's pretty fabulous here.  And for those of you who think I'm rubbing it in feel free to return the favor when I'm literally cooking at 120 degrees in July/August.

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