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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Rubber Ducky Party Part 2: Food and Games

We're into the school year but not so long ago (last month) we celebrated two special 6 year olds with a Ducky Themed birthday party.  I already shared our invitations and decorations and now I'm back to show off our food and games.  All with a rubber ducky theme of course!

First up the refreshments.  We had beverages just for the adults, a must have at a hot hot and humid outdoor kid's party. 😉  

  • Cold Brew - Made by my Toddy maker.  I used IKEA organic ground coffee.  I also made simple syrup and provided half and half.
  • Mimosa/Bellini - My BFF had orange juice and champagne.  Very refreshing!  And I added a bottle of Bellini from Trader Joe's.

For kids we had a bucket of bottled waters on ice.  We figured they had enough sugar from the rest of the party so they didn't need more.

For food we had a spread of:
  • Popcorn: An easy crowd favorite.  We served it in cups.
  • Strawberry: Cut up for easy serving.
  • Hard Boiled Eggs: This may seem like an unusual choice but kids love them and hey, they matched our Duck theme.  
  • Frozen Yogurt: Tubes of yogurt were crowd favorites and perfect for a hot morning.

Naturally we also served cupcakes, ours were decorated with blue sprinkles (to look like water) and had rubber duckies on top.  If you're not afraid of a little more food dye you could ask for blue frosting.


Now onto games; the party was a pool party so games weren't required, but we had to have a couple!  
  • Relay Races: We split the kids into two teams and had them go back and forth with plastic eggs on spoons.  A party classic and the kids had a hoot.  You could add more challenges but our kids were content with just that.
  • Pin the beak on the duck.  You can't have a birthday party without a pin-the-something-on-the-something!  In this case my daughter thought up the beak on the duck version, although a wing could work too.  My sweet girl actually created her own duck weeks before the party, but we made a bigger one the night before instead.
  • Last but not least, a beautiful pinata!  Another classic game that doubles as a decoration!  Our kids had the best time whacking at it and it took a few rounds before it finally busted open.  The pinata was filled with (natural) candy and quarters stuffed into eggs.  Eggs! Get it? Duck eggs!  That was my friend's idea, she's brilliant!  She provided gift bags for each child to keep their pinata treasures and also party favors at the end.
The handmade pinata was from an Etsy shop called TheKidCorner.  It was perfect!

The party was a success and a good time was had by all!  Rubber Ducky might be an unusual theme for a 6 year old party but it worked swimmingly for us. 

Note about the party favors.  We let each child pick a big (normal size) rubber duck, duck key chain and a few tiny ducks to take home.  Prizes for the games were other duck toys.

Rubber Ducky Birthday Part 1 (decorations & invitations)

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